About the rankings

The Calculation of the Rankings

For the Best Batsmen, the total runs scored in Tests and One Day Internationals over the previous 12 months is taken into account. For Bowlers, the wickets taken are used for the Rankings. For the Best Teams, performance across Tests and ODIs is taken into account: 1 point is awarded for each win, and 0.5 points for a draw/tie/no result, and the success percentage is calculated.

The Vision Behind the Rankings

For the first time, an attempt, rather successfully, we may add, has been made to combine the actual performance of a player in Tests (5-day matches) and Limited Over Internationals (one-day matches).

Today's cricketers are a competitive lot and their level of competency is tested to the utmost level. It is therefore necessary, that he be proficient, skillful and consistent in both varieties of the game. Hence we feel that the more precise way of selecting the top ten batsmen and bowlers on the current circuit is by simply combining their performances in both the Tests and one-dayers at the same time.

We also believe in making the Ranking calculations simple to cater to the average armchair cricket fan. To qualify for the top ten batting and bowling positions, the players concerned should be consistent in both versions of the game, as indicated earlier.

Unique Features of the Rankings

  • Combination of Test and One Day match performances
  • Ranking of Best Players and Teams tracked on "moving annual" basis
  • Queryable Database of all players available online, via KHEL.COM
  • Country-wise Rankings also available for the first time
  • Rankings Updated at the end of every match (Test and One Day)
  • Interactive Contest based on the Rankings

The Team behind the Rankings

  • Amul.com
    India's most popular food brand
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