Amul Cricket Topicals
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Sachin Tendulkar accused of ball tampering - Nov, 2001
Mike Denness finds Sachin Tendulkar guilty of ball tampering - Nov, 2001
God save the team!
Despite serious security concerns English cricket team's tour going ahead as scheduled - Nov, 2001
Ache Divasiya Team!
On the recent spate of injuries affecting the Indian Cricket team - Sep, 2001
Saurav Gone guly?
Sourav Ganguly suffers another setback by loosing to Sri Lanka in first test match at Galle Sri Lanka - Aug, 2001
Mera Naam Choker!
Indian Cricket team chokes in the one - day final of the Coco-cola series against Sri Lanka - Aug, 2001
Navjoke Sidhu!
On Sidhu's colourful style of cricket commentary - Aug, 2001
On a stand in a cricket stadium being named after Tendulkar and singning a billion rupee contract - May, 2001
Saurav's Gang beats Steve's Waugh rriors!
On the Indian cricket team's victory over Australia in the thrid test match - Mar, 2001
Har bhojan ke sangh
On Harbhajan Singh's hat-trick against Australia - Mar, 2001
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